Rugby: A story of pain that seemingly never leads to gain.

· When the deal was announced, it stated that the 9.8 billion would span 3 or 4 years. Which kind of contract is not time binding enough and leaves a whole year in question?

· We are two weekends into the 7s season and most clubs haven’t received their allocation of funding from the 15’s season that ended months ago. Why is this the case if we have been allocated 9.8 billion?

· We are two weekends into the 7s season and clubs still aren’t being allocated enough facilitation to cover the basic costs of transportation. Food isn’t catered for at the games, the ambulances don’t have k-tape and the reward for a team that wins a circuit is 500,000 Shillings. All on a supposed budget of 9.8 billion Shillings.

· Teams have a budget for the entire 7s season that the union knows about, but they’re forced to get onto their knees just to get facilitated for each games-circuit they’re set to travel for. This facilitation is usually less than a fifth of the money clubs spend. They’re then forced to depend on well-wishers and fans to facilitate something that has a budget in the books of the union.

· Is the 9.8 Billion Shillings a lie? Would transparency by the union clarify this issue and answer our many questions?



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